Assistive Technology

Administrative Contact

Sheila Arad
Supervisor of NTDSE Programs
847-965-9040 x1106

Service Description

The AT service provider completes assessments and evaluations in order to identify specific assistive technology needs of students with the input of the child’s educational team. If it is deemed that assistive technology is needed for the educational needs of the child, the AT service provider provides training to the students, families, outside therapists, and school personnel and helps develop and monitor intervention strategies and action plans. Follow-up support and technological assistance is provided. The AT service provider also provides training opportunities for NTDSE personnel regarding hands on technical knowledge as well as state and district initiatives as related to assistive technology.

Team Approach

All members of a student's special education team contribute to the consideration and implementation of assistive technology tools and services. The knowledge that family members, teachers, therapists, and other support staff share regarding the student's strengths and special educational needs are essential for providing the appropriate tools and services. After an assistive technology tool has been provided, the team members that support the student on a daily basis use the tools with the student to determine its effectiveness. The same team members are also responsible for the continual re-evaluation of the tool's effectiveness, as well as determining whether other tools need to be considered and tried with the student.


A range of low tech to high tech assistive technology supports are utilized within writing, reading, math, communication, mobility, and computer access. They are matched to the students strengths and areas of needs.

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