Vision Itinerant

Administrative Contact

Sheila Arad
Supervisor of NTDSE Programs
847-965-9040 x1106

Service Description

The primary goal of the vision itinerant program is to establish an intervention system that offers the students an opportunity to participate to the maximum extent possible in their regular education or preschool program. The vision itinerant program includes direct instruction, consultation, and vision evaluations. Students who qualify for the vision itinerant program typically are seen in one-to-one sessions based on the student's individual needs. Modifications and accommodations are made as needed in order for students with visual impairments to access the curriculum. The Patterns Braille Reading Program, the Primary Braille Spelling and English Program and Building on Patterns are some of the instructional tools available to help support students with visual impairments.

Team Approach

Vision itinerants provide services with a collaborative model. They are members of a multidisciplinary team that develop goals and strategies to be utilized across settings with classroom staff, family and other related services.


A wide range of technology is used depending on the needs of the student. Some examples include but are not limited to: digital books and players, video magnifiers, braille, large print, etc.

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