Social Work

Administrative Contact

Candice Hartranft
(847) 965-9040 x1110

Program Description

The mission of NTDSE Social Workers is to provide intensive and ongoing support to students ages 3-22 with a variety of social/emotional needs that impact their performance at school or in peer interactions. These needs include, but are not limited to, social skill development, emotional regulation, problem solving, crisis intervention with parents, students and teachers, and parent consultation.

Social work services are delivered through whole classroom groups, small groups or individual sessions within the classroom. Services may also be provided in a more private setting based on the studentís individual needs. To help generalize skills and to provide the students with models, NTDSE Social Workers support students in inclusive social opportunities.

NTDSE Social Workers strive to use evidence based social/emotional curricula that meets each studentís individual needs. Social Workers utilize classroom curricula and behavioral supports when possible.

Team Approach

NTDSE Social Workers collaborate with team members on a regular basis to support students and teachers in meeting studentís social/emotional needs. They serve as a liaison between parents and school. Social Workers share lesson topics and strategies with both teachers and parents to encourage the practice of skills in the natural environments of home and school. Social Workers proactively problem solve issues that arise in the classroom and home settings. They provide psycho-educational and support groups for parents. NTDSE Social Workers may also serve on the Play Based Assessment Team.


We use the technology within the classroom, including visual supports, use of studentís individual communication devices, Smartboard and Tap-its.

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