Speech Therapy

Administrative Contact

Sheila Arad
Supervisor of NTDSE Programs
847-965-9040 x1106

Service Description

NTDSE Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) provide assessment and intervention to students ages 3-22 years with a variety of communication needs that have an adverse effect on educational performance. These areas include articulation, receptive language disorders, expressive language disorders, social/pragmatic language disorders, voice disorders, fluency disorders, decreased feeding skills and decreased oral motor skills. NTDSE SLPís have been trained in a variety of methodologies including but not limited to PECS, PROMPT, SOS Feeding, Beckman Oral Motor, SCERTS, Social Thinking and Verbal Behavior. Additionally, NTDSE SLPs participate in annual continuing education related to Alternative Augmentative Communication (both low-tech and high tech), apraxia, autism, cochlear implants, language processing, social-emotional behavior, sensory processing, hearing aids, feeding, selective mutism and other communication topics.

Team Approach

NTDSE Speech-Language Pathologists are a member of NTDSEís multidisciplinary teams. SLPís collaborate with the team to help facilitate student participation with classroom curriculum and other classroom activities. Furthermore, NTDSE SLPs train classroom teams and consult with parents to encourage generalization of skills and promote independence across settings. Consultation with the community is provided when needed. The NTDSE SLPs utilize each otherís expertise to broaden knowledge and maximize the teamís skills.


NTDSE SLPs integrate a variety of technology tools into therapy including, but not limited to the following: IPad, Smartboard/ Tap-It, Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols, Speaking Dynamically Pro, Intellitools Suite, Classroom Suite, Unique and simple static voice. Furthermore, NTDSE SLPs are proficient in the use and training of assistive technology for voice output (e.g. Dynavox, Vantage, Chat PC, Tech Talk, Cheap Talk etc.).

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